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SoftPerfect Traffic Meter 2.0

SoftPerfect Traffic Meter 2.0: Create a full-featured system for monitoring the Internet usage on your network traffic per day, week or month. Furthermore, these data can be exported into any other program, e.g. Microsoft Excel, for further processing. SoftPerfect Traffic Meter is very useful for detecting problems on local area networks. With SoftPerfect Traffic Meter you can measure the actual data transmission rates on your network; detect the host generating the most traffic; find the amount of the traffic used by any one application. SoftPerfect Traffic

Traffic Counter It can display and count network traffic of your computer.
Traffic Counter

Traffic Counter is an easy-to-use tool to display and count network traffic of your computer. If you have limited monthly Internet traffic and always run P2P software such as BitTorrent, you may be in risk to be fined by your ISP because of your huge traffic consuming. Traffic Counter reports daily and monthly traffic. It allows you to set monthly traffic limit, alerts you when the amount of the traffic is used.

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DeSofto Traffic Compressor for Windows Mobile 2.1: Internet mobile traffic compression up to 90% with DeSofto Traffic Compressor.
DeSofto Traffic Compressor for Windows Mobile 2.1

traffic type. However, this will significantly reduce your GPRS, EDGE or WiFi internet traffic. There is no need in changing your programs` settings as DeSofto Traffic Compressor will install itself into internet drivers on it`s own. Unlike proxy-servers that compress only the incoming traffic, the software compresses both incoming and outgoing traffic and also headers. What`s more, it can compress traffic from virtually any program. DeSofto Traffic

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Internet Traffic Agent 2.7: An efficient and handy network tool for accurate internet traffic monitoring.
Internet Traffic Agent 2.7

traffic monitoring. Internet Traffic Agent monitors traffic on any IP address that the user has visited and keeps daily traffic statistics. This utility captures all IP packets in the local area network. With Internet Traffic Agent, it is possible to detect the network traffic used by any application. The utility can also measure the Internet or LAN traffic of specific users. Using Internet Traffic Agent, it is both possible to detect the most active

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Internet Connection Counter 7.5: This program displays various statistics about your Dial-up and LAN connections
Internet Connection Counter 7.5

traffic statistics. Export of connection report table into Microsoft Excel. Ping of remote address. Synchronization of system time with public NTP servers of exact time in the Internet. The program has the following editable counters. Counters of the main window and speed counters may be arranged both horizontally (row) and vertically (column). Counter dimensions (width, height) can be adjusted, their readings - aligned (left, center, right). The

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Idaho-Web-Counter 1.00: Free, simple web counter program with lots of cool themes, some Idaho, some not.
Idaho-Web-Counter 1.00

the starting number for the counter if you`re moving over from another counter service. The best thing about the Idaho-Web-Counter is that it`s completely free and anonymous! The program doesn`t solicit any information from you, and doesn`t require you to create an account to use. Use as many counters as you want, there`s no limit! It`s called the "Idaho" web counter because there are number of Idaho-inspired counter themes, from potatoes to Idaho

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Network Traffic Multi Optional Report 1.2: Query traffic statistics cut by local host`s, target machines and services
Network Traffic Multi Optional Report 1.2

The Multi Optional Network Query Report is a plugin for the freeware MZL & Novatech TrafficStatistic and allows to analyze the traffic of each machine in the local network. So it can be detected, which machines have high bandwidth usages, which use unusual services or have traffic when staff is absent. In difference to other network analyzers, the traffic data records are constantly and completely wirtten, so that after an incident the relevant data

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